Important message !!

Dear readers :

It appears that someone is trying to claim rss feed from Modern Country blog on bloglovin.com. Those of you who are followers via bloglovin have noticed none modern country publishing since a couple of days ago. This is why between the modern country blog feeds other posts and images appear from a totally unknown tumblr account. A message has already been given to bloglovin.com to fix this problem

However, if you see strange images appear in modern country rss bloglovin, that are clearly not published by me, please do have patience. I am so scared about this issue, but hopefully it will be fixed very soon !!

Thank you all for understanding !

~ Aina ~


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Aina,
Poor you ..... try not to worry though. I'm sure that it will be fixed soon. Thinking of you. XXXX

Modern Country said...

Thank you so much Jackie, you're a good friend. Hopefully it will be fixed very very soon.

~ Aina ~

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Oh dear!!

Hang in there, all will be well, I am certain they will fix it soon.

Take care!

Modern Country said...

Thank you Michele !

~ Aina ~

Stella said...

Hi Aina,
We shall be patience, good luck !

sweetpach said...


Un blog precioso.

Un beso. Raquel i Neus

Rick said...

I feel really sorry for you, hope the issue is resolved soon, wish you the best of luck!