Fresh picked Lilacs

We have a gorgeous Lilac tree in our garden. I usually sit here on the bench and smell the wonderful scent of these beautiful flowers..

All photos © Aina - Modern Country

Our neighbors have a few more trees with various shades of purple, but I am quite happy with these. The smell is irresistible and refreshing, a real burst of spring, early summer. I like the shape op these flowers also, like small butterflies. What is your favorite flower bouquet?

~ Aina ~


All Seasons said...

Great picture, Aina!!
And it smells very sweet, I love this tree in white.

Have a wonderful week
Hugs for you

Rosalie said...

Stimmungsvolle Bilder! Ein Hauch von Sommer weht vorbei...
Liebe Rosaliegrüße ∙∙♥♥∙∙

Mrs. Sutton said...

I have these in my garden too! They're SO beautiful - and the smell is just divine! I also favour white or blue hydrangeas - absolutely gorgeous!
Paula x

Anne said...

I LOVE lilacs :)

idémakeriet said...

Underbara foto Aina, man kan nästa lukta den underbara doften genom skärmen.
Tyvärr kan jag inte ha några syrenkvistar inne i huset, är väldigt känslig för doften och få omedelbart migrän av det.
Men dessutom mer njuter jag av de ute i trädgården.
Ha en skön dag söta du.
Kram Gerda

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

These are so gorgeous and your question is a tough one!

I love the look of a bouquet of peonies, but the smell of a group of hyacinths for sure.
Lilacs are right up there though in my top five list!

Such gorgeous photos.

It's me said...

Wat een mooie !!...liefs van mij....xxx...

kråke said...

Vackert som bara den...:))

Kram goingen och fortsatt fin vecka önskar jag dig:))


Donna said...

Your lilacs are stunning! I have several lavender lilacs and hope to plant a white one this summer.
Beautiful pictures!

bec said...

so beautiful.... I love lilac flowers I can almost smell them through my screen.
lovely photos.
bec x

Fågel Blå said...

Hej Aina!
Tack för dina söta kommentarer på min blogg, jag blir så glad!
Underbara bilder vita syrener är så vackert!
Ha en fin Vecka
Kramar Kathrine

letrecivette said...

I love your pics Aina! Have a nice WE!

Die Waldfee said...

Hello Aina,

i love your Blog.
So many Impressions and wonderful Pictures.
It's wonderful to Visit you.

have a nice sunny Day.
Best wishes,

anneso said...

Wonderful pictures ! Have a great springtime !
Best wishes from France

Les ptits coeurs de Marie said...

Whaou Aina, you know how much i love these flowers!!!
Your photos are so beautiful!
Have a nice week end...



Linsi said...

Great picture Aina!! I love these flowers !

Linsi : http://www.inspired-design-daily.com/

saint ange said...

HI Aina,
my favorite flowers bouquet is with my garden's roses specialy the
"pierre de Ronsard"
but I love all the spring flowers (
lilas, pivoines, iris)
have a good week-end
kisses ++++++
domie (saint ange )

Anonymous said...

Lilacs - My favorite! Thanks Aina for another beautiful post. xo~L

Jenni said...

Oh, that is a truly lovely bouquet of lilacs, and a beautiful photo! There is something sweet about white flowers, I think, and lilacs smell as wonderful as they look, so that is an added benefit to them! :)

I hope you are having a beautiful weekend!


HeiaNorge said...

Mmmm Lovely :) Syriner er den beste smaken på forsommeren syns jeg :)

how to edit a picture said...

Thanks a lot for posting these amazing pics and spreading the summer mood all around, I have a lilac tree in my garden too and enjoy the same view every morning when I wake up, only mine is violet :)

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