Denmark was Lovely

The view in Denmark is very beautiful. The air is fresh and you are surrounded by small villages, farms and fields.

Midsummer is Scandinavia`s most popular festival right along with christmas. A tradition of the summer solstice, midsummer is the longest day of the year ( June 21) Many had decorated their courtyards beautifully. With flags, flowers and garlands.

Among Danes it is also Sankt Hans aften, which they celebrate on the eve of June 23rd. On that day, Danes sing their traditional "we love our land" and burn straw witches on bonfires. This is also done in memory of the church`s witchburning of the 16th and 17th century. 

The sound of peaceful ocean waves...
Denmark has a 7,500 km long coastline with beautiful white sand beaches. It is not difficult to find a favorite place.  


Where we stayed - It was quiet and luscious green.
 Many of the small farm houses situated in Lejre are built in the French neoclassical style. Many of the buildings also have a characteristic thatched roof. I think it looks like a house you would be happy to live in all your life. Totally charming.

A Jazzy night.
This group of older men have been playing together for more than 35 years. They had so much fun, and so did we. We were the last to leave..

This flower market was a treat. I am always very impressed by the creativity the Danish people put into their Displays. Love this !

Aaah, the fields ! 

All photos © Aina - Modern Country

Last evening spent together with our friends in their new built conservatory. 
Thank you so much Nils and Solveig for another delightful holiday in your charming village. We both feel the same, relaxed, inspired and utterly happy.  

Wherever you are I hope you all have a wonderful July !

~ Aina ~


helle said...

wow for et cadeau til vores lille land, tak på landets vegne Aina! Jeg har svært ved at forestille mig at noget kan være smukkere end dit land med fjelde og fjorde, men fordi noget er smukt kan noget andet jo også være det. Der går ikke noget fra et smukt land fordi et andet land også er smukt, sådan er det jo nok!

Klem Helle

K. M. said...

I like those photos, stylish cottages and the tradition.

It's me said...

Oja !! Denemarken is een geweldig land...wij waren er twee jaar geleden....liefs Ria...geniet van de zomer...xxx...

Tulip said...

Aahh.. digger det øverste bildet, det var utrolig flott!
Fine opplevelser ser det ut til at dere har hatt. Jeg fikk Danmarkslyst nå:)

Anna Conway said...

Beautiful photos!

Amalie loves Denmark said...

Dear Aina,
wonderful impressions from you - I like it very much.

Yes, Denmark IS lovely.



Henhurst Interiors said...

Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing.


SvT said...

Wat een prachtige foto`s, wellicht toch een keer die kant op voor een vakantie....
Ik ben blij te lezen dat je zo genoten hebt!

Lieve groet van Petra

Menthe Blanche said...

Your pictures make me want to go there. It's beautiful and so quiet.

michele said...

gorgeous images, aina.

stop by if you have a moment as i just posted a giveaway:

smiles to you.


martinealison said...

Une nature généreuse... Un pays qui doit être extraordinaire mais que je ne connais pas...
merci pour ce très joli reportage et ces superbes photos qui donnent envie de découvrir ce lieu.

Gros bisous.

Fågel Blå said...

Hello Aina!
Thanks for all of this lovely photos,, love Danmark toooooo!!!
Have a nice summertime

Schwesterherz-Vergissmeinnicht said...

Denmark is wonderful; I ♥ it!
Great pics :)


saint ange said...

dear aina,
yes Danmark is very beautiful !
kisses from Provence

Villa König said...

Wonderful images of Denmark. Hugs Yvonne

coco said...

everything look so beautiful here.
that is why i like visiting your blog.

All Seasons said...

Denemarken is een heel mooi lang, wij zijn er ook geweest, maar dat is al ruim 10 jaar geleden. Tjee wat vliegt die tijd dan..
Ik heb genoten van je mooie foto's en je verhaal erbij. Jullie hebben zeer zeker een mooie vakantie gehad!

Geniet van een mooie zomer ☼
Lieve groet,

Tilonino said...

Danmark er fantastisk og bildene dine like så :)
Klem fra Tine

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm in Vejle now on holiday. Very nice place. I like Denmark, and small beautiful villages here. I just wrotet post about Cafe Conrad in Vejle ;)

kråke said...

Hej goingen! Vilka underbart vackra bilder och vad skönt att ni har det bra:)))

Hoppas solen lyser på er:)

Stora kramen...


Eszter said...

Your photos are lovely! Here, in Hungary was 38°C, we went out just in the evenings..

Marit said...

Herlige bilder! Så utrolig vakkert!!!:)

séraphine Pompon said...

these photos of danemark are very beautiful !!! I love !!! séraphine.

Bleu Chine said...

Hello from France ! Thank you for the nice discovery. Denmark looks really charming. Stéphanie

Alicia said...