Thank you Audrey, you made wrapping fun ! I specially loved all the cloudy shaped stickers and tags.
 Photos © Aina - Modern Country
 My friend Audrey recently opened a little shop. From their studio in Hamilton New Zealand, Hello Paper make gorgeous paper goods. They offer tags, toppers, twines, boxes, stickers, cards and sweet sparkly star toppers and even cute little Christmas light boxes and cards. In addition they offer homewares and also personalize products with logos and pictures.With the holiday looming this online store may fulfill many desires.
A small selection of their delightful paper goods
   Photos : Courtesy of Hello Paper - Audrey is responsible for the styling and photoshoots of all their products.
- And then something extra for you : Hello paper offers all Modern Country readers a special discount code. All you have to do is Enter code MODERNCOUNTRY at the checkout and you will get 15% off your first purchase in the entire store !!
Hello paper SHOP / on FACEBOOK
Audrey`s beautiful and inspirational BLOG
 ~ Aina ~


Fågel Blå said...

Ohhhh Aina, so nice paper and tags and other things!
Lovely photos!
I whish you a nice weekend
Hugfs Kathrihe

Nell said...

Ces papiers là me font rêver, merci pour cette belle découverte

Home and Lifestyle said...

Wat een mooie spulletjes, ook de rustige kleuren spreken aan!

Lieve groet, Ingrid

kråke said...

Åhh den där stjärnan är ju bara underbar!!:)) Du är ju fantastiskt duktig!! Hoppas solen skiner på dig i det ruskiga november och att du har en härlig vecka:))

kram goingen:))


Emmas hvite borg said...

Hei :)
Masse flott!
Ønsker deg en riktig god helg ♥
Klem Anette

Beadsand Wires said...

This blog is My favourite!!!!! Very very nice pics and i'm going to visit your shop now ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Aina,
Wow, I absolutely love paper goods, especially something to wrap up a beautiful gift!! Thanks for introducing us to "Hello Paper"!!
Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Tusenfröjd said...

Vilken underbar stjärna! Och så mycket annat fint förstås men den där stjärnan smälter jag för.
Ha en fin kväll /Liv

tahir sumar said...

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A Shiplap Home said...

How gorgeous! What a sweet little shop :-)