Monday thoughts - gifts and wrapping

Good morning everyone,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the molding issue in the previous post. I am really thankful ! I have decided to start sanding and painting the shelves before we add anything more. I think I will then be able to imagine how it`s going to look like in the end, and then we can take a decision about what to do next..

 I hope you had a lovely weekend, what did you do ? I made myself a "what to buy and make for my family and friends list". Usually I wait until the last minut. Every year It seems like I have the time in the world and then, whoosh ! However, this year I have started to make some things already.
Photo : via  Modern Hepburn
Handmade gifts for Christmas are great, they kind of say thank from your Heart. I remember as a little girl, receiving homemade gifts were definitely not at the top of my favorite gifts list. But now as an adult I am able to acknowledge and appreciate the time and energy that goes into anything that is hand or home made. I appreciate when someone takes the time to wrap a gift beautifully too. It makes a gift even more special don`t you think ? Yesterday I read an article in THE PHILLY POST" The Lost Art of Gift wrapping, who else misses wrapping paper " ? I loved it. The writer shared some valuable points. The last part of the article made me giggle :
 ~ I gave my mother her birthday presents last weekend. As she started to rip open the first and peek at the book title, she remarked happily, “Oh, good! Just the kind of book I’ve been looking for.” And then she looked at me and added, “And wrapped so nice.”
Photo : Roostblog
 Have a great start to the week, keep yourself warm. 
~ Aina ~


manon 21 said...

Bonjour Aina,

Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec toi ,rien de plus agréable qu'un cadeau fait maison avec amour pour quelqu'un que l'on apprécie et si en plus le paquet est beau c'est un rêve.
Je te remercie pour tes mots qui me font vraiment plaisir .
kiss of France


Home and Lifestyle said...

Prachtige pakjes Aina, je ziet dat ze met liefde zijn gemaakt!

Lieve groet, Ingrid

Aga said...


Nell said...

Moi aussi j'adore les paquets fait maison, c'est le petit plus qui en dit long à celui à qui le présent est destiné

Malena said...

I´m not surprised your mother liked the wrapping, it´s lovely :)
Regards from Spain.

idémakeriet said...

Hej goa du,
Tack gulliga du för din hälsning.
Vad duktig du är att du redan börjat med dina klappar.
Jag har samma tendens som du att jag tror att jag har plenty time och sedan är det redan julafton.
Så sånt det är, ögat vill ju också njuta av en vacker inslagen present.
Inslagen är ju en del av presenten.
Lycka till med dina presenter, är säkert på att dina vänner och familjen får jätte fina presenter av dig:)
Stor kram Gerda

Wiener Wohnsinn said...

Hi !

I love the idea of packing with leaves !

Thansk for sharing
love <3

n o r d i n g å r d e n said...

Hallå Aina min bloggvän! Åh, som vanligt så vackra bilder och idéer och vilka ursnygga paketinslagningar!!! Jag har haft problem med internet sista tiden och sitter ibland med segt mobilt bredband och orkar inte mer än bara göra inlägg hos mej själv, besök hos alla andra har gått bort pga tiden... men vi finns ju kvar hos varandra som bloggvänner, eller hur ;)och en dag tar man sig tid att kika igenom flera inlägg, då blir det rena julafton :) Ha en mysig kommande adventstid!!! Mari.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aina,

you are so right!!! A lovely packed present means so much to me.
I love you blog!
I would love to make the little dolls, seen on the picture next to the Joyeux Noel cushion - so cute!!!

Have a wonderful evening!


Modern Country said...

Dear Sabine/Sam, thank you so much for the sweet message!! I am glad you liked the images of the handmade gifts, The little doll was also my favorite :) I tried to find your blog, however that did not work.

Wish you a nice evening also, you are welcome to visit again.

Friendly ~ Aina

Anonymous said...

I love wrapping paper..The bags the stores all have now are ok i guess but nothing beats a beautifully wrapped gift to open..Your pictures of packages in this post are beautiful..Have a wonderful week..

Rainbow Gatherer said...

I loved the use of autumn leaves on packages!
I'll be happy if u check out my blog too=)

Saeed Zia said...

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