Have you seen any signs of Spring yet ?

Hi friends I hope you are well and happy.
Thank you for reminding me and letting me know that I am missed. I hope I am not letting you down, sorry about the infrequent posts. It will soon change, I promise you !
Have you seen any signs of spring yet ? I am waiting impatiently to see any changes. Although it is still cold (during the night about -8) we have been enjoying more sunny days than normal. The light is different, it changes. From grey and cold, the light is now intense bright and a bit warmer in colour. Makes getting up in the morning definitively a little easier ! Here in Norway we barely see any natural light during the winter time, no wonder we are getting a bit out of "happy" energy sometimes.
The benefits of warm and beautiful sunlight are significant for everyone, me too.
Photo © Aina - Modern Country
A couple of years ago I wrote about my little trip to Dyhre nurseries. It was a delightful experience, a beautiful little treasure trove of lovely things to admire. Among the things you can take home are antique French garden furniture, lamps, nice pottery, a huge selection of herb plants ( which I really like ), exotic trees and much treasured European plants like roses and Pelargonium. Small round tables are set in one of the decorated greenhouses surrounded by flowers and vintage furniture's, where you could enjoy your coffee or cup of tea. It`s quirky and charming, and feels very special. I felt really inspired by the surroundings too, set in the beautiful countryside with fields and farmhouses. The nurseries are now closed but around Easter time they will once again open their doors for customers. I am definitively taking another trip back, I need a fresh new Rosemary tree and maybe a couples of terracotta plant pots. They always have a few of those you never find elsewhere.
Here are a few pictures from last trip mixed with a few of their own...
( and here`s my enthusiastic story if interested )
Photos © Aina - Modern Country
Photos © Dyhre gartneri
Photo © Dyhre gartneri
Photos © Aina - Modern Country
Photo © Dyhre gartneri
Photos © Aina - Modern Country

Have a nice weekend !
~ Aina ~


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Aina,
Isn't it lovely when we start to see the signs of Spring ?
We have had clear blue skies and some warmer weather although, they have predicted snow flurries again over the next few days !!!!
That looks like a very beautiful nursery ...... we are very lucky to have many good nurseries near to where we live so, in a few weeks, we will be buying a few plants and we also need a few more terracotta pots ( the frost got to a few of ours !! ) XXXX

Home and Lifestyle said...

De afgelopen week hadden we een paar heerlijke lente dagen, waarbij we ook écht buiten konden zitten. Inmiddels daalt de temperatuur en morgen wordt sneeuw voorspeld. Net als jij heb ik ook zin om in de tuin aan de slag te gaan, maar we moeten nog even geduld hebben geloof ik.

Een fijn weekend! Lieve groet, Ingrid

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

Here the mimosa is out, and my garden is studded with freesias and muscari.

The Rosegarden in Malevik said...

Hello Aina
well...I think spring is a little bit late this year.....but it will soon be here :)
and do not miss...


it is FUN
Håkan ( The Roseman)

It's me said...

Spring is just around the corner...this week we had great weather,..but now this weekend we get snow and verry cold weather....brrrrr...i want spring !!!...love from me...xxx..

Marit said...

Overbevist om at denne plassen er verdt et besøk, ser og hørest nydelig ut!:)
Her er været opp og ned med både snø, regn og sol.. Men vi har heldigvis solen i mange timer nå, og DET er deilig det!! Våren er rett rundt hjørnet!:)

Klem Marit

multanka said...

I dream about having such cosy zinc furniture in my garden !!!!
Thank you for great photos and inspiration for the incoming Spring!

letrecivette said...

Hi Aina!
Here rain rain rain...
This year the spring is a little bit late ..but I hope!
Have a great week! Monica

Johanna said...

Hello Aina!

What beautiful green pictures you are showing-love it!

Jag blev så glad att du fick vårkänsla av min lilla målning-Tack!
Varm hälsning Johanna

Helen said...

Oh your gorgeous pictures make me hungry for Spring . . . . . . .!!
H xx

A Normandy kitchen said...

Hello Aina,
It was almost springtime last week... with a few daffodils, primroses, a butterfly and even some blossom, but as of yesterday we have a blanket of thick snow...
Hope you are well, Spring will arrive soon!

Kimberly said...

We have hundreds of green shoots pushing up where the snow has melted! The whole south side of the farmhouse is loaded with bulbs that are now appearing. I am quite excited.

CasaKoivu said...

Hi Aina, beautiful pictures -i hope that spring reaches you soon too!
Here in Italy we have some nice signs of spring...
greetings, Terhi

simply to share said...

Il se fait désirer ce printemps...Mais j'espère qu'il ne vas pas tarder et qu'il sera beau et doux, afin que nous puissions le savourer et l'apprécier !!
Douce journée.

saint ange said...

Hi little Aina
how are you ?
springs is late in....provence
I wait..fews days...I hope...
domie/saint ange

kristinco said...

Ces instants délicieux au jardin on les attend toutes avec grande impatience !!!

Millygarden said...

Hej Aina,

Våren är sen hos oss i år men solen har börjat visa sig mer och mer..underbart verkligen. Förra året hade vi korttröja på oss och krattade löv i trädgården. I år har vi 1 m snö så krattan får stå kvar i förrådet.

Glad Påsk Aina på dig och de dina/ Marina

HWIT BLOGG said...

Såååå fina bilder....

Ha en skön påsk!

Jenny said...

Ljuvliga bilder!

The Countryside Blog said...

Sweet pictures

BiancoAntico said...

Hi Aina,

here, spring time is finally come!:-) I like that pots, I love your photos.



Naturegirl said...

Aina: I have been by your blog many times and not commented so here I am coming forward.
Here in my world Ontario Canada we had snow up until last week. No Spring blossoms to be found but I continue to search for beauty.
Your blog is a thing of beuty!

saint ange said...

HI Aina
spring is finaly here in provence
I hope all is glad for you
kisses +++++
domie/saint ange

Maliva`s verden said...

Miss u!

Marit said...


Tusen takk for hyggelig kommentar fra deg!:) Velger å svare deg her inne. Fargen på stua heter Kalk (fra Jotun). Er superfornøyd med denne fargen! En veldig varm gråfarge med mye beige i seg:)

Klem Marit :)

lesptitscoeurs.canalbog.com said...

Enfin...le printemps est arrivé à nos portes...
Douce soirée...


Christelleanne said...

Magnifiques photos !!
belle soirée