Oh what a wonderful trip !


Out of 8 farms we choose to visit a couple, Sigstad farm because of the delicious food ( mountain air sharpens the appetite! )and Hovinsholm which arranged an old fashioned Christmas market. Situated near the beautiful and peaceful lake of Mjøsa, surrounded by mountains, the view from the car was breathtaking. Farm houses, grass and trees were covered with Ice crystals. Through the misty fog a  ray of sunlight made it all twinkle. It was as cold as it looked, but it was very beautiful. 

A couple of deer were even crossing the road. They soon disappeared, but I quickly managed to take a blurry image. Can you see them running ?
I loved the decorated fence down the hill to Hovinsholm farm, single trees and flare burners. Simple, but such a warm welcome.   
When it comes to celebrating the old fashioned way, nobody does it like the Norwegians. As December approaches old traditions take precedence, a fond reminder of simpler days. And that is how I like to celebrate my Christmas also. In a simple peaceful way..

Inside the barn (one of many out buildings) there were installed a little shop, where you could buy all sort of Christmas decorations.There was a nice open fireplace also, where we could sit and warm up a little bit. Which was great because at one point I thought my fingertips would fall of. (That`s what photographing in cold weather does! )

Here were handmade crafts, antiques, wood carvings, ornaments, baked goods, Christmas trees, local produced steaks, ginger bread and star shaped pastries, sausages and jams. The smiling vendors were bundled up in winter coats and offering tastes. I bought a couple of spiced fruit breads, a little surprise for my mum later. 


To me is not necessarily what is sold on the market which makes me happy. And that's not what makes me appreciate old fashioned Christmas markets every year either. It`s everything else which surround such an event that makes it all so idyllic.


 I always remember the small things, the weather, the knitted mittens, the runny noses, Christmas trees in groups, wreaths hanging in clusters, lamps, old red barn doors, crackling bonfires where people gather in groups to warm up, the frosty trees, smell of horses, hay and burning torches. The entire frame around with cold winter weather, the foggy air and frosty trees made our trip this year specially nice and memorable I think. 

Photos © Aina - Modern Country
I would love to hear about what makes you get into the festive Christmas mood.
What makes the holiday season for you ?
~ Aina ~


Gårdsjenta said...

Er kjempeflott der ute :) Har vært kaldt her på Hedmrken i helga, men håper på snø snart, selv om de rimdekte trærne er nydelige :)

kjempeflotte bilder av en nydelig pyntet gård :)

Fågel Blå said...

Wow I love this so beautiful!!!!
Alot of Inspiration!!!
Thanks Sweet!
Whish you a nice week
Hugs Kathrine

coco said...

oh how beautiful things. thank you for taking us on your journey..
happy winter aina.

It's me said...

O wowww Aina !!! lots of beautiful things !!...love your post !!! thanks for share with us...x !

Menthe Blanche said...

Thank you for sharing these photos with us, it is so nice! This is typically the Christmas atmosphere that I love :) In France, the atmosphere of Christmas is not so present, what a pity!

Home and Lifestyle said...

Kerstmarkten zijn inderdaad leuk om te bezoeken, vooral voor de sfeer die er hangt. Fijn dat je zo genoten hebt!

Liefs, Ingrid

Amber said...

Wow! How wonderful!

Meta said...

Vilket underart ställe dit skulle jag vilja åka.
Ha en fin vecka
Kram Meta

Dora said...

These photos are so beautiful! I love the one of the deer crossing the street

Sara's blogg said...

aaaaw ;)

Så nydelig og idyllisk det var der <3
Vakre bilder søster.
Der skulle jeg ha vært... Håper dere hadde en fantastisk tur med gode minner.

Glad i deg store søss.
Love Sara

Debby said...

Love your pictures. It captures a fun Christmas. My town looks like a Norman Rockwell town. This week-end you will see many cars with trees tied on top from the Christmas tree farm. That always starts my holiday.

manon 21 said...

Magnifique Aina et contente de te retrouver,j'espère que tu vas bien.
Ce qui me fais plaisir pour No¨el ce sont les préparatifs bien au chaud dans mon atelier avec une bougie et de la musique pour me tenir compagnie.

Belle journée

Sussi.Sussinghurst said...

øj, hvor ser det hyggeligt ud

Mia said...

Really a nice trip, and so impressive!. Even here in Northern Germany its cold, its still remains autumn. But I think we will also have a wonderfull 1st advent.
best wishes Marlies
www.homestead-notes.me (thats new)

Luisa Benito said...

Thanks for sharing this pictures this all us!
I follow you from Spain,and always i like all your pictures.



Rozmeen said...

Sooo beautiful Aina,

Love the pictures.


Petra said...

Wauw Aina, Wat een prachtige foto`s... ik zit helemaal te genieten van de sfeer die het uitstraalt. De eenvoud, de rust (al lopen er genoeg mensen) en de foto van de weg en de herten. Dat zijn van die momenten die je niet wil vergeten. Het doet mij denken aan het openluchtmuseum in Arnhem, en dan in wintersfeer. Als ik daar ben kom ik helemaal in de stemming.

Lieve groet van Petra

Johanna said...

Wonderful pictures,lovely christmasmarket-I've never been at one that look so nice.Thank you or sharing.
Warm hello from me.

kråke said...

Hej fina Aina! Vilka underbara bilder!! Alltid en inspiration att kika in här hos dig:)) Hoppas att ni har njutit av första advent och att julkänslan har infunnit sig:))

Stora kramen:)


Andre Kurzo said...

Wonderful :)

Christelle De Lin à l'Ours said...

Thank you so much, I've travelled with your nice pictures...
I wich you and your family a sweet Christmas

Anonymous said...


G:a Affären said...

Nu har jag varit på julmarknad med hjälp av dina vackra bilder, det var nästan så att jag hörde ljuden och kände dofterna! Och visst är det allt omkring som gör helhetsintrycket.
Och resan dit var magisk med rimfrost i träden, jag önskar jag varit där.


reham magdy said...
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