Late summer


Late summer is approaching its end, but it is still quite warm and sunny here in south east of Norway. I have eagerly been waiting for months to enjoy harvesting fruits and vegetables from our garden ( also from our neighbours, since neither one of them are living there at the moment ) I have been picking rhubarb, cherries, red currant, plums and apples. I feel utterly happy and lucky having a garden. Where I live, very few never or hardly use theirs. I don`t know why, maybe because of their hectic lifestyle, or lack of interest. I always wonder and it sometimes baffles me.

Plums, beautiful red plums. I remember, my shirt got stained. I could not get rid of it either. Now, always a reminder of that particular day I sat down eating with both hands. Spitting the pit into the grass, the cats were running after it.
Photos © Aina - Modern Country

I tried to be there first, always a battle between the magpies and me. Yes, how can someone resist something as sweet and cheerful like these?

 Photo © Aina - Modern Country
 I don`t own acres of land and probably never will, most of my fruits and vegetables comes from the supermarket. Although I really would have loved to be totally self-sufficient. Unfortunately we don`t have a weekly market, now and then I visit the Farmers market in a small town 45 min away.  But I have enough place to grow what I like, tomatoes, herbs, chillies and lettuce. Last year I tried another two favourites, broadbeans and peas. Sadly many just rotted away. This year I am playing safe, but could not resist adding a few beetroot plants as well. I am so proud of what I have achieved, despite nearly half of the seed I planted back in February died. But rest of them came out so strong and healthy !

 End of July - Tiny beetroot plants

 This morning - the colour has changed. Almost there now.
I hope they will taste good. I love the earthiness, newly harvested they sometimes taste as if you are biting into clean sweet earth. Yesterday I found a beetroot chocolate cake recipe. For those who love both it sound like the perfect marriage. Tempting..

Photos © Aina - Modern Country

~ Aina ~


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Aina,
You are doing so well with your vegetables and fruit....... and, they always taste so much nicer than those from the supermarket.
Beautiful Autumnal photographs and what I wouldn't do for some of those cherries !!!!
Hope you are well Aina and have a lovely week. Much love. XXXX

Meta said...

Så mycket härligt du har tagit rda på det är mycket godare med egenproducerat än köpt.
Ha en fin torsdag
Kram Meta

Lise-Lotte said...

I love your pictures of the harvest in your own garden - I know what you mean, I look around here sometimes and wonder why people don't take more advantage of their ideal garden conditions to grow more of their own produce. We are enjoying tomatoes, raspberries and I am about to go and pick some beans for tonight's dinner..we're very lucky and also very appreciative.
Lise-Lotte from the westcoast of canada

Sea Angels said...

How lovely Aina that you have a garden with all the lovely fruits to pick and the garden to really enjoy. Winter will be here before we know it so I hope you have some sunny and busy days picking and playing before it gets here.
With lots of hugs Lynn xxxx

Room Seventeen said...

Mooie foto's...vooral de pruimen, echt nazomer!

Fågel Blå said...

AAA so lovely photos you show us!
Whosh you a nice weekend

Home and Lifestyle said...

Hoi Aina,

Dank je wel voor je lieve reactie op mijn post. Wij hebben een heerlijke zomer gehad, met als hoogtepunt onze vakantie in Amerika. Wij hebben daar drie weken gereisd en enorm genoten! Inmiddels zitten we hier in herfstachtige weken, al wordt het aankomende weekend gelukkig wel droog en zonnig.

Wat fijn dat je een goede oogst had in de tuin!

Ik wens je alvast een fijn weekend! Lieve groet, Ingrid

All Seasons said...

Heerlijk om al die vruchten te mogen plukken nu in de herfst. Ik nog het in mijn blogpost ' Herfst schatten'.
Ik zie wel dat het bij jullie in Noorwegen nu veel beter weer is dan hier in regenachtige Nederland. Maar.. de vooruitzichten zijn erg goed. Het gaat weer wat warmer en droger worden. Ja op die manier mag van mij de Herfst heel lang duren. Prachtig al die kleuren die straks weer komen gaan...

Ik stuur je een warme groet,

Dora said...

The pictures are so beautiful!