Back from holiday

Hi everyone ! How was your summer ? I hope you had a marvelous few months. Myself was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks with my husband in one of our favourite scandinavian country, Denmark. Staying there, it is like a feeling of relaxation washing  over me like an old familiar friend. I feel safe and calm and it is easy to unwind.

Out in the garden outside our rented holiday home. This is the third year coming back to Lejre, a peaceful cultural village outside Roskilde town. It feels like home now. 

The garden is sheltered, lush and green, home for vegetables, lavender, butterflies and also a little family of blackbirds.
There are a lot of different things to explore in Lejre, it is called the "land of the Legends". It is actually an open-air park in the most beautiful Danish countryside, where you can stroll among reconstructions of the ancient living enviroments, like the Age village, the stone Age camp, the viking market and the 19th century farm cottages.

Photos © Aina - Modern Country

The fabulous castle of Ledreborg  or Fredriksborg is worth a visit also, but my favourite thing to do is just have a quiet walk or drive around and soak up the peacefulness and the natural surroundings. I could watch the beautiful horses grazing on the fields forever..

  Photo credit : Herslev Bryghus

Taking time to unwind is lovely, but of course we could not sit still for long. Lejre is a meetingplace for people with interest in organic lifestyle, myself included. Lejre has the aim of becoming the first "organic municipality" in Denmark, and has therefore a huge number of local farmers and others that produces a healthy and varied range of products. With markets every Wednesday and Saturday, you are spoiled with a large assortment of freshly made salamis, locally produced cheeses (got to have my cheese!!), organic bread, honey, fish, fruits and vegetables.

There are plenty of organic places to visit nearby Lejre, one of them are Herslev Bryghus. A charming micro brewery in the village of Herslev. The day we went was incredible hot and humid, it could not have been a better moment to arrive at their doorstep. It was perfect for a little taste of their cold organic beers. Have you ever tasted beer made with honey and chamomile ?? None of us had. Very surprised by the bitter taste it was not as sweet as I thought it might be. But I really liked their "Midsommerbryg", sweet and light as summer. I had this great plan to take a lot of tasty pictures, well I didn`t. Cooling down was the only thing on my mind...

   - The Herslev farm shop is a member of Regional madkultur Sjælland and Culinary Heritage Europe. I loved the look of their shop !These green boxes, what a beautiful way to display your products. I had to buy a bottles of their beer vinegar, curious about how it will work with what I normal cook.

Photos © Aina - Modern Country

Fields of grain nearby our holiday home. I just had to stop and have a look. What a sight..

We visited a numerous of Farm Shops also, since there is very few where I live. Sidinge (also member of the Culinary - Heritage, region Sjælland Denmark) was by far the most memorable with their wide range of high quality products like their own ageing beer, wine, chocolate, production of different kinds of jams and other delicacy, gift items, vegetables, apples from their own apple orchard and a huge selection of cheese. Homemade jam, chutney and relish are produced in the small kitchen behind the farm shop. I know these delicates goes well with the cheese !

My husband is Dutch, and they are known to be very passionate about their cheese. They eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as snack. So this visit was inspiring for the both of us. I loved their homemade jams and chutney that I brought back, also can`t wait to taste their apple juice. Beautiful bottles, I will use them for water later when emptied...

Photo credit : Sidinge gårdbutik 

 I am still lingering in vacation mood, although I have been quite busy harvesting, parboiling and storing a lots of fruits and vegetables these last couple of weeks. Telling you more about that very soon. Have a great start to the week !

~ Aina ~



Home and Lifestyle said...

Wat fijn dat jullie zo genoten hebben van jullie vakantie. Wij zijn nog nooit in Denemarken geweest, het lijkt mij een prachtig land. Gelukkig boften jullie erg met het weer.

Nu lekker nagenieten!

Lieve groet, Ingrid

Dora said...

Looks like such an amazing place to visit! The pictures are so beautiful

Meta said...

Danmark är ett land jag bara älskar. Försöker ta mig dit flera gånger under året.Jag blir så glad och inspirerad av alla deras vackre saker och miljöer.
ha en fin vecka
Kram Meta

coco said...

welcome back aina. i missed you.
i can see you are back refreshed and nice to see all the beautiful things you enjoyed during holiday.
ice tea making process is on below your comment.

Ann Kåge said...

Så fina bilder fulla av sommar. Förstår att du haft det underbart i härliga Danmark.
Kram Ann

Lory said...

I love your blog and I'm glad for the comment you left on my own.
Greetings, Loretta

Trines Hus og Hage said...

Ah, fantastisk! Fikk lyst til å reise dit med en gang!!!!

God uke fortsatt ønskes deg fra

letrecivette said...

Welcome back Aina !
Ciao Monica

manon 21 said...

Contente de te retrouver Aina après tes belles vacances.
Je suis encore en Provence avec un beau soleil,un grand merci de tes charmants mots qui me font toujours un grand plaisir.


kråke said...

Hej fina Aina! Ser att ni haft det underbart i härliga Danmark:)) Så vackra bilder:)) Hoppas ni njuter av sensommaren varma strålar och att ni mår bra:) Här är det lite förkylt men vi njuter också av solens värme:))

Stor kram till dig going:)