Vintage Garden Tools

Photo : Garden & Wood

During my online search for vintage garden tools I came across Garden & Wood, located in Oxfordshire UK. You can certainly find great deals on Etsy and eBay for used garden tools, or having a stroll around local car boot sales or flea markets, however this shop is rather something very special. Their passion for garden and sustainability with a love for antiques is the perfect combination, evident in their wide collection of unique tools. All original and fully restored. Here you can buy pearls that is no where else to be found. They also offer a restoration and re-handling service, so if you have a much loved fork or spade in need of repair they'll come to rescue.


I always search for spades with wooden handles, and handy small tools as hand forks, trowels and plants labels. When I work in the garden it matters to me that the gardening equipments looks beautiful, it has to do the job well and feel good in the hand also. And it gives you an extra pleasure if the tools has a certain patina, don't you think ?  It just means a lot that it was much loved and that it will continue to be so.

I really appreciate the quality, feel and touch of tools of an older age. (often in stark comparison to the modern ones, sorry but they are just not that good !) However you can still buy good garden tools, but I am not sure if they are worth the hefty price tag.


 Photos : Garden & Wood

Top from left : A brades lawn edger, a large Staniforth`s shear and a large beautiful wooden and metal rake. 
Bottom from left : Asparagus knife, a rare brades spade and a Spearwell Tenderden pattern billhook with original handle. All from Garden & Wood

Photo : Garden & Wood

I also found this beautiful French copper watering can. 

Photo : Garden & Wood

One of the more unique items, a brass bulb grading sieve, which is really difficult to find. Myself use and old wooden flour sieve (sifter) for smaller tasks. That works good also, as long as the sieve has a solid bottom. 

I wish I lived closer to this gem of a shop, however they do offer a mail service order and they will happily send your favourite purchase. They ship all over the world and accept payment by credit card and Paypal through their website. So what is left to say ? Happy treasure hunting !

~ Aina ~


Home and Lifestyle said...

Wat zie ik mooie tuinspullen voorbij komen! Zo wordt tuinieren nog leuker dan het al is. Bedankt voor de tip.

Liefs, Ingrid

Anna Lantligt på Svanängen said...

Så himla snyggt!!! Glad Påsk! Kram Anna

Julia said...

Ha sido un placer visitar tu bloc, te invito a visitar el mío, i el nuevo post sobre la limpieza ecológica y una manualidad que te encantarà.
Espero que nos volvamos a ver y si no eres seguidora me encantaría que lo fueras, te espero en mi bloc elracodeldetall.blogspot.com

HWIT BLOGG said...

Åh så mycket fint! Vill ha allt!
Önskar dig en GLAD PÅSK...

G:a Affären said...

När jag ser redskapen förstår jag att man ska vårda dem också...jag har samlat en del under åren och äger bara en ny sak, snösläden. Men nu lovar jag mig själv att aldrig mer lämna en spade eller andra redskap liggandes på marken.
Nej, de ska rengöras, oljas in och hängas under tak.
Bilderna ger mig en sådan där genuin känsla som bara gamla fungerande redskap kan göra.
Och glasklockorna är så vackra med sin skörhet där de står tillsammans med jord och sten.

Vilket fint inlägg Aina!

Vårkram från mig,

Garden and Wood said...

Thank you so much for writing about us, we love your blog

Piers & Louise
Garden and Wood

Mary Preston said...

I love vintage gardening tools! I have a rusty old water can fro my grandmother and I love it! You have an amazing collection!!!