In anticipation


Last week we experienced another snow storm and were covered by 20 cm of snow. But today when strolling around my garden I could feel the spring in every breath of fresh air. I was amazed to see that the apple and plum trees were full of clusters of buds. Within a few weeks these buds will burst and the flowers will fill the garden with wonderful scent and I will be there to capture the magnificent sight.

 Plum tree.
Here you can see how generous the flower buds are, not long now before they will burst open !
Old mossy Apple tree buds.
Have you seen any signs of Spring yet ?

 ~ Aina ~


Home and Lifestyle said...

Ik hoop voor je dat de sneeuwstormen voorlopig verleden tijd zijn en de lente zich de komende weken volop laat zien. Het lijkt hier wel herfst, regen en wind hebben de overhand. We moeten dus nog even geduld hebben!

Liefs, Ingrid

Fågel Blå said...

Lovely Photos!
Nice sunday evening!

It's me said...

Spring is comming...!!...love from me Ria....x!

Petra said...

20 cm snow...brrrrr. And the apple-tree, beautiful!

For spring signs here in Holland, look at my blog. I have made picture`s from my garden today!

Love from Petra

Jane said...

Hello Aina ~ here in Australia we are moving into Autumn and so it is lovely to see your fruit trees in bud while ours our losing their leaves. We have an apple tree and every year I think it looks so dead that it could never flower again but every year it does!

Passé Présent Recomposé said...

Très beau WE de Pâques

Helena said...

Wonderful photos. We also got a lot of snow last week. But now spring is on the way. Have a nice day!/Helena

Hof 9 said...

Hallo Aina, habe gerade deinen Blog entdeckt und bin ganz begeistert-so schöne Fotos. Wir haben auch einen alten Hof und ich liebe Shabby. Alles ganz nach meinem Geschmack. Ich schmöcker jetzt noch ein wenig. Ich wünsche dir eine gute Zeit.
Auf bald

G:a Affären said...

Du har säkert gått många rundor i trädgården sedan du gjorde inlägget. Och vårtecknen har säkert blivit många fler.
Här blommar vitsipporna och det är så vackert mot de vita björkstammarna. Förra året satte jag ett plommonträd och jag är så glad att det överlevt, att inte heller sorken hittat dess rötter.
Så fint du fotat trädens knoppar!

Önskar dig en fin start på Maj månad!
Kramar /Cia

flowers on my table said...

Oh yes, things are beginning to bloom in my garden in Ireland. I have lots of rosebuds, which I am very excited about. The crabapples have so much blossom on this year, so it's looking good for the jelly.It is such a joy when you begin to see the signs of life and regeneration. Love Linda x

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quiltsathome said...

Dag Aina,
ik hoop zo dat je weer gaat bloggen ! Je had altijd zulke prachtige foto's ! Lieve groet, Patricia (quiltsathome.blogspot.nl)

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